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Genuine Caribbean Taste Enjoyed Worldwide!

Whatever your taste, there's a Grace Foods UK product for you! Take a look below to find out more about our market-leading brands:

"Genuine Caribbean Taste, Enjoyed Worldwide!" - Grace Foods is the definitive, number 1 supplier and producer of Caribbean food and drink products in the UK, and one of the largest Caribbean enterprises worldwide, with our global headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica. Delivering quality since 1922, the past 95 years has seen the Grace brand become the marketplace standard for authentic Caribbean food and drink products - if you are looking for a delicious taste of the islands, then look no further than Grace! From feeding Jamaican Olympic championsto generations of Caribbean food fans around the globe, Grace is true to our mantra of ‘Genuine Caribbean Taste, Enjoyed Worldwide!'. Our exciting range of tropical products are available nationwide from heartland community grocery stores to major mainstream supermarkets where you will find our fiery, fruity hot pepper sauces and jerk marinades, our extensive range of spices, seasonings, canned vegetable, meat & fish and coconut products, soups, porridges and snacking products, together with our refreshing tropical beverage ranges.

"Milk with More!" - Nurishment Original, in its iconic can, is the UK's #1 nutritionally enriched milk drink and has been enjoyed by drinkers for over 35 years. A delicious source of protein and calcium, Nurishment is ideal for people who lead busy, active lifestyles who are looking for a delicious pick-me-up on-the-go. Tasty and satisfying with an exclusive mix of vitamins and minerals, Nurishment can be used to kick start the day, as a ‘top-up' for busy people who have missed a meal, or for whenever you need a nutritional boost. Available in 7 seven delicious flavours: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Raspberry, Mango and Peanut.

‘Banish the Bland' with Encona Sauces - As well as all your Caribbean favourites, you can now enjoy delicious Encona flavours from across the Far East, Asia and the Americas. Our hot pepper and chilli sauces comprise a wide range of delicious flavours and heat levels to suit all consumer's tastes. Deliciously versatile, Encona Sauces are great used as a dipping sauce, marinade, cooking ingredient and brushed onto meat during barbecuing or grilling. Use Encona in stir-fries, try drizzled on rice dishes, in dips and salad dressings and stirred into soups and stews or use simply as an everyday table sauce for all your favourite foods.

"A True Taste of the Tropics!" - Generations of Caribbeans in the UK have grown up with products from Dunn's River – the brand of choice for authentic, quality ingredients for making exciting Caribbean meals from scratch with a brand you can trust. Whether it is our range of canned peas, beans and vegetables for making iconic dishes such as Rice & Peas, Ackee and Saltfish or Callaloo, our delicious Jamaican-style Hot Sauces and Jerk marinades to add a fiery kick to your everyday dishes, our leading range of coconut products for adding delicious, delicate flavour to your curries and desserts or our extensive array of spices, seasonings, and coatings to bring a true taste of the tropics to your table, any good Caribbean cook will tell you that the secret to amazing tasting family dishes starts with Dunn's River!

"Say Aloe to New Refreshment!" – Grace Say Aloe is a delicious new soft drink, made with 30% real aloe vera and fruit juices to enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle. With natural flavours, no artificial colours and no preservatives, our original aloe vera drinks contain 100% of your recommended daily intake of the antioxidant Vitamin C per 500ml bottle, which helps the immune system function normally and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Available in both 500ml ready-to-drink bottles and 1.5ltr family take-home packs, our aloe drinks are suitable for vegetarians, gluten free and are available in both ‘Smooth' and ‘with aloe vera pieces' varieties. Grace Say Aloe comes in 3 refreshing flavours: Original, Mango, and Strawberry, and is now also available in reduced and zero sugar versions!

"Ultimate Hydration!" - Grace Coconut Water is a tasty and refreshing thirst quencher, packed with the delicate aroma and flavour of young coconuts straight from the tree. Our Tetrapak Coconut Waters are available in both 330ml and in 100% Coconut Water 1 litre pack formats. Both are cholesterol and gluten free with zero fat. Our 310ml canned Coconut Water Drink range is slightly sweetened, delivering a rich, full flavour, and come available with, or without real coconut pieces - Hydrate Yourself with Grace Coconut Water!

"Drink in the Rhythm!" - Grace Tropical Rhythms is a refreshing and exotic range of Caribbean fruit and vegetable drink blends. Our ingredients are specially formulated to capture and maintain their natural refreshing flavours and are available inFruit Punch, Pineapple Ginger, Mango Carrot, Pineapple Coconut and Sorrel Ginger varieties. Grace Tropical Rhythms are delicious thirst quenchers and taste great in cocktails too!

"Do it Big, Do It Mighty" - with Grace Mighty Malt! Grace Mighty Malt is the classic, premium non-alcoholic energy malt drink - Dark in colour, rich in taste and a good source of Vitamins B6, B12 and Biotin, Grace Mighty Malt is traditionally enjoyed in Caribbean and African communities by all generations at social gatherings and events including at Easter and Christmas. A deliciously refreshing beverage, Grace Mighty Malt is available in 330ml glass bottle singles, 6x330ml glass bottle multi-packs and in 330ml aluminium cans.

Grace Jamaican Style Ginger Beer is a delicious and fiery, non-alcoholic drink, lightly carbonated, and with a zesty flavour which refreshes and revitalises! A true taste of the Caribbean enjoyed worldwide, drink Grace Ginger Beer simply poured over ice as a wonderful, thirst-quenching beverage, or use as a tropical mixer in traditional cocktail classics such as the world-famous ‘Moscow Mule!'

Grace Plantain Chips are a deliciously crunchy snack enjoyed throughout the Caribbean and beyond. Made from carefully selected plantains and green bananas, these delicious tropical fruits are sliced and then pan-fried in to maintain their delicious, natural flavour. With no preservatives, cholesterol or trans-fats our chips are gluten-free and high in fibre and are available in 5 delicious flavours: Green Plantain, Sweet Plantain, Green Banana and new Chilli and No Salt varieties.

"It's a Healthy Habit" . . . and the Caribbean's favourite Sardine! Available in easy-open cans, Brunswick Sardines are great tasting, nutritious and convenient for today's modern lifestyle. Our sardines are a great source of Omega-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids, are low in saturated fats, and an excellent source of protein. Incredibly versatile - enjoy in sandwiches, salads, in pasta or rice dishes, flaked onto pizzas, or straight from the can! Available in 4 delicious flavours: Hot Peppers, Soya Oil, Louisiana Hot Sauce and Tomato Sauce.

"Jamaica's Favourite!" - Excelsior Water Crackers were first produced at No.2 Church Street, Kingston Jamaica in 1911, using wood-burning brick ovens, which gave them their special taste and "toughness". Today, Excelsior Crackers continue to be uniquely Jamaican and form a favourite part of the Jamaican diet. Enjoy them with cheese, Solomon Gundy, steamed fish, as a breakfast cereal mixed with hot milk, or by themselves as a healthy snack – Jamaica's Favourite!

"Made for Fun!" - Bold, colourful and with a flavour all of its own, Bigga embodies everything Jamaican. The No.1 selling soft drink on the island, Bigga is now available in the UK in 5 delicious flavours: Fruit Punch, Grace, Pineapple, Grapefruit and Ginger Beer.